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Hi, I’m Lewis Anderson, Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to the Council. I have been involved in the world of Parish Councils for a number of years, initially for a brief period the youngest Councillor in the country. I have been a Councillor on three Parish Councils in East Staffordshire, and have previously served as Clerk to a Council elsewhere in Staffordshire. I sit on the Staffordshire Parish Council’s Association Executive Committee too as its Vice President, an organisation which issues training and advice to Parish Councils, alongside also working for Staffordshire County Council.


Outside the world of councils, I am Trustee and Vice Chairman to a homelessness and poverty relief charity in Burton on Trent, and have been involved in dozens of community projects and committees from running the Tutbury Market to setting up a fishing coaching club. In my spare time, I greatly enjoy climbing, canoeing, reading, running, and taking on the odd woodworking project - though rarely finding the time to complete them..!


I very much look forward to working with the Council, and meeting the parishioners throughout the course of my duties as Clerk. Should you ever wish to contact me, please feel free to do so and I will be happy to assist.

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