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HGV Vehicles and the Village

Posted : Tuesday 9th August 2022

Thanks to the alertness of village residents along the Uttoxeter Road, the Parish Council has been in contact with AFS, a Uttoxeter company supplying construction materials for a park development in Handsacre. Numerous complaints have been received about lorries speeding through the village and causing unreasonable amounts of noise as they negotiate the speed bumps, particularly when travelling back to Uttoxeter empty. The AFS transport manager said that the work will continue until Tuesday of next week (16th August). He has now spoken directly to the drivers involved, insisting that they observe the speed limit and limiting noise as far as possible.

If you observe an AFS lorry (or any other firm’s vehicle) causing nuisance in any way, please let the Parish Council know and we will follow it up immediately. Photos of the registration plate or a note of the number would be particularly helpful.

A big thank you to the parishioner who flagged down an AFS lorry this morning, noted the reg number and complained directly to the driver, whose name has been passed on to AFS. Well done!

Councillor Stockdale

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