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On Thursday 6th May I was elected as the new Chairman of Mavesyn Ridware Parish Council. I was overwhelmed and excited to be in a position where I can engage with Parishioners in moving  strategic projects forward and supporting the needs of the Parish.

We now have a list of strategic  projects that myself and councillors will be working on in collaboration with  Parishioners for the benefit of the Parish and of course will be inviting Parishioners to attend steering groups.... this will provide excellent communication opportunities, noting needs, and listening to ideas.

I'm extremely excited to make a positive impact, engage with Parishioners, and most importantly be seen to deliver. I will be facilitating and embrace future opportunities to form networks with neighbouring Parish Councils.

Its important to me that Parishioners attend Parish Council Meetings or contact the Parish Clerk to bring forward any concerns or issues, so ideally please do try and attend any meetings and events.
I am looking forward to supporting Parishioners and the Parish over the next twelve months.


Your Parish Needs you.jfif
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