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Keith Vernon
Antony Jones

Keith Vernon 

Keith is a retired Dental Practitioner and Associate Lecturer at the University of Manchester School of Dentistry.

He has been a Parish Councillor for 6 years, during which time he has taken a particular interest in planning matters and liaison with other village organisations such as the Village Hall. He is part of the Hill Ridware Speedwatch team, having originally been its Coordinator, and is dedicated to keeping our village as safe, well represented and well supported as possible.

He is a member of the Staffordshire Parish Councils Association Executive.

He also holds a 'Yacht Master Offshore Certificate' and has owned and skippered a 42ft motor cruiser based in Portugal for many years.

Walking, choral singing, Barber Shop group, and the Marchington Singers occupy a lot of his leisure time. He also entertains in retirement and care homes and organises concerts at local venues.

Keith is the proud father of two 'grown up' children and the proud grandfather of eight grandchildren, three of whom are triplets..

Antony Jones - Chairman

Antony moved to Hill Ridware in 2018 onto the Cameron Homes Estate. With all the residents moving into new homes  he decided to set up a WhatsApp group enabling his neighbours to get to know each other.

From here he organised their first group meal which allowed everyone to chat, become familar, and share interests. This was followed  by a barbecue and a Cameron Homes Neighbour's Christmas get together.

He was nominated to be one of the Directors of the Cameron Homes Estate by residents, and now responsible for overseeing the management and maintenance of the grounds. 

Antony was responsible for organising the Ridware's Neighbourhood Watch Scheme which was launched officially in January 2019 by Michael Fabricant MP. This scheme now has 170 members throughout the Ridwares.. with 8 local Champions.

Antony's background is in Molecular Biology, having worked on many research projects at a large University and being responsible for the implementation and management of a Funcional Genomics and Proteomics Facility to support Research Innovation including DNA Sequencing.

Antony is a qualified 'TCM Group' Workplace Mediator.

He is now a Head of Infrastructure and Facilities and manages large strategic projects and staff in Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Antony's hobbies is music, singing, and has sang at the Sympony Hall Birmingham and the Royal Albert Hall London.

"I look forward to meeting the Mavesyn Ridware Parishoners over the coming years"

Robert Lowries

My wife and I moved to Hill Ridware in January 2016. We are both retired and were looking for a community in which we can continue to enjoy a very full life and also move closer to one of our four children.

I spent my professional life working in secondary education. I taught science for nearly 40 years. During my teaching career I enjoyed a wide range of experience. I led science, technology and computer education as a faculty head in a large school for several years, served as a Deputy Head Teacher for curriculum and staffing and latterly held the post as Head of a Sixth Form Centre.

Throughout my career I also engaged in projects outside the school from examination work, a national research project and pursuing further qualifications. Since retirement I have undertaken a number of voluntary activities. Whilst living in an area closer to Stafford I volunteered with the House of Bread in Stafford, an organisation providing support to sections of the Stafford Community. Since moving to Hill Ridware I spent 3 years on the Village Hall Committee and I continue to be a member of the Speedwatch Group.

I am member of Rugeley Rotary and have enjoyed many of their activities. During the “Covid 19” period I have been volunteering with Brereton Millions. My interests include walking, cycling, camping and I love taking photos.

Travelling is a big part of my life since retirement and combines with my other interests. The decision to join the Parish Council I see as an extension of being a good neighbour, in the widest sense.

I believe that there is nothing more important than the people that make up the community in which we live and our willingness to support each other, working together.

Neil Cox

Neil moved to Hill Ridware in 2018 to be closer to family living in Lichfield District.

A member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) Neil worked in Local Government for 15 years, latterly at Lichfield District Council where he was responsible for formulating land use policies and proposals and providing advice to local Parish Council’s on the preparation of Parish and Neighbourhood Plans. As a town planner Neil often balances complex social, economic and environmental issues and enjoys engaging with local communities and key stakeholders on matters relevant to the built and natural environment.

Neil now runs an independent planning and design consultancy with his partner.

His interests include travelling, walking in the local countryside, gardening and spending time with his family.

Kate Mason

Kate worked for twenty years, rising up through the ranks to become a branch manager, then
latterly working for Barclays Premier, serving the needs of the high net worth clients.

Her skills very much lie in customer service and communication, which she hopes to bring to the
council in service of the community.
During her banking career she also served in their union, becoming Chairman of the
Birmingham committee and then elected to the National Executive.
Kate has spent the last twenty three years raising her three sons. She was on the board of
governors for both their first and middle schools, and was heavily involved in fund raising for the
school library at the middle school.

Kate has lived in the village for almost four years and is known by many as she walks her dog
around the area. She feels now is the time to contribute to this wonderful community by giving
her time to its service.

Vinay Patel Raaj

Vinay moved to Hill Ridware in 2017 with his family.

Alumnus of Cardiff University and Lancaster University, his formative background is in Biomedical Science.

A member of the Society of Will Writers, he has practiced estate planning since 2019 and offers private client services relating to will writing, lasting power of attorney and trust planning.

His interests include kickboxing of which he hopes to pursue further in the capacity of competition and instruction.

Robert Lowries
Neil Cox
Kate Mason
Vinay Patel Raaj
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