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May 2023 Parish Council Elections

PLEASE NOTE: As of May 2023, photographic ID will be required to cast your vote in the 
scheduled local elections
. Please follow the link to the Electoral Commission website 
for guidance on Voter ID requirements:


Important Documents:

Notice of Election (Lichfield Parish Councils) - Lichfield DC

Parish Council Application Pack - Electoral Commission

Candidate's Information Pack (Parish and District Cllrs) - Lichfield DC


Are you passionate about your community? Do you want to help make a long-lasting change? Do you have innovative ideas for the council? Do you have concerns about a specific issue and want to do something about it? If this is you, then we need you. We need people from all backgrounds and experiences who reflect their community to put themselves forward for election. Make a change and become a councillor.

For more information on NALC's (National Association of Local Councils) "Make a Change" campaign, please follow the link below.

Please find above a link to the Parish Council Election Nomination Form.

For queries about the elections, please direct to the Elections Team at Lichfield

District Council:



2023 Parish Council Election Timetable

Publication of Notice of Election (Commencement of Nomination Period) – Monday 20 March
Close of nominations – Tuesday 4 April, 4:00PM
Publication of statement of persons nominated – Wednesday 5 April, 4:00PM
Deadline for applications to register to vote – Monday 17 April, Midnight
Deadline for new postal vote applications /changes to existing postal or proxy vote applications – Tuesday 18 April, 5:00PM
Publication of notice of poll/situation of polling stations - No later than Tuesday 25 April
Deadline for applications for new proxy votes - Tuesday 25 April, 5PM
Deadline for applications for a Voter Authority Certificate or Anonymous Elector’s Document - Tuesday 25 April, 5:00PM
Appointment of counting and polling agents – Wednesday 26 April
Polling Day - Thursday 4 May, 7:00AM to 10:00PM
Deadline to apply to vote by emergency proxy – Thursday 4th May, 5:00PM
Replacement for lost/spoilt postal votes ends – Thursday 4th May, 5:00PM
Alterations to register to correct clerical error – Thursday 4th May, 9:00PM
Return of election expenses - Thursday 1st June for Parish/ 9th June for District Elections


For any queries regarding the election timetable, or any part of the elections process, please contact Lichfield District Council's Elections Team.

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